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Camarate, Lisbon | Portugal


private client


2018 - ...

The objective underlying the intervention in the public space of Camarate consisted in the promotion of a quality urban environment, comfortable and accessible for all. In order to evaluate the quality of the public space, an approach focused on the pedestrian perspective and the concept of pedonality was used. This proposal was developed as part of a public tender launched by the City Council of Loures.

Intervening in Camarate was a fascinating challenge because it is an urban nucleus full of social and commercial activity, despite all the serious problems of urbanism already detailed. The challenge was not only to strengthen positive factors, but also to develop urban cohesion, articulating economic excellence, social integration and preservation of the quality of life, especially through actions to combat the most critical structural problems in this area - urban exclusion.

The proposal covered several areas, namely: Architecture, Landscaping, Bioclimatic, Mobility and Public Space, Communication Design and Lighting Design.

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