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frei papas

Alfama, Lisbon  | Portugal


private customer



Area: 105m2

The Frei Papinhas restaurant, in Alfama, is housed in a typical 19th century building. XIX, in stone masonry, an element that stood out as a reference to the past in a contemporary space. With the use of noble materials such as stone, in white and black checkered as in the houses at the time, cherry wood and typical Portuguese tiles, it proposes a serene and luminous atmosphere.

There are two spaces with different levels, but the entrance hall is the main space of the establishment from where you can contemplate the daily life of this historic district through its five bay windows. The materials appear in a sequenced way, in order to create an interplay between the spaces.

The graphic image of the establishment was also developed with the creation of logos, banners and awnings.

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