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FIL, Lisbon  | Portugal

client: IEFP

public tender


Area: 450m2

Podium - FIL Contest National Craft Award.

To house handicrafts entered in a competition – the first idea that comes up is that of competition. A Podium as the maximum image of a competition in which there are first, second and third places. Three more or less parallel volumetric bodies then appeared to “tear” the exhibition area. Aside from the symbolism of ideas with an equal start and a podium finish, the three volumes that cross the platform intend to build a rich architectural space, causing sensations to those who see it and walk through it with the widening and narrowing of the corridors, which provoke rhythms discontinuous.

It intends to be a provocative space both for its concept and for the undulating colors and shapes of its volumes. A space in which the fields of vision change at every step – sometimes seen and sometimes not – with volumes that go up and down and holes that sometimes cross the volumetric mass and produce surprising views.

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