tintos e tintas

Lisboa | Portugal

art and wine gallery


commerce and services

2014 – 2015

100 m2

The great challenge was to transform an office space located on the first floor into a space for the exaltation of the plastic arts and wines, to be visited by all. Thus, it was tried to "clean" the space of all the noise that could distract the visitor from the exhibition objects, as well as providing the space of comfortable materials, giving it a minimalist character.

The whole project is intended to emphasize the exhibition areas, such as the wall in metallic net or the furniture of wine exhibition, which becomes a bench so that people at the end of their visit can enjoy the art exhibited accompanied by a good wine.

Although the materials used are not particularly noble, they generally imply a sober and presumptuous entity that frees us to be able to appreciate the protagonist of the gallery, wines and works of art on the whole scale.