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Embracing new challenges with creative solutions, professional knowledge and passion.

Falanstério – architecture studio, was established in 1996 by Bruno Tinoco and Ricardo Dias.

Working in architectural and interior design projects, Falanstério joins today a group of qualified professionals and establishes business partnerships in order to provide a better response to each project.

Due to the professional experiences of its partners this studio is qualified to give an overall support to commercial projects.​

Falanstério presents sustainable solutions in every project, refurbish or new ones.

Work in progress

With Lisbon City Council we are developing several urban renewal projects, promoting pedestrian and cycling spaces and sustainable solutions for water management in urban spaces; For the Montijo Chamber we have already designed and built several equipment, including a Civic Center, two Parish Councils, three Basic Schools, Libraries; For the Chamber of Amadora, we carried out large-scale rehabilitation in three structuring avenues of the Municipality, including its public and built spaces, with emphasis on the rehabilitation of Av. Santos Mattos, already implemented as a model project for future urban rehabilitation works in the municipality; With the Chamber of Loures, we carried out the rehabilitation project of the Cabeço de Montachique Municipal Park and rethought  the urban centers of Loures and Camarate. 

From 2017 onwards, with Diogo Amorim, we created the concept of the Padaria e Moagem Gleba stores, developing ten commercial and industrial spaces in four years, spread across Lisbon, Cascais, Amadora, Oeiras and Sintra. Falanstério coordinates a creative team that includes Tsuri and Visual Stimuli for technical and decorative lighting and the Italian artist Fulvio from the Rootstudio collective. This immersive project includes the creation of the original concept defined with the client, its adaptation to each space and commercial reality and its permanent adaptation to a concept and continuous growth, combining creativity and functional systematization of industrial and commercial spaces.

Since 2019 we have been partners with EDP, having already installed 18 SU ELETRICIDADE Stores, in all district capitals on the continent and designed the rehabilitation of more than 20 service buildings spread across the country. In all of these projects, as well as for other public and private clients such as ARSLVT, IEFP, Well Senior or Casa Pia, we take on the coordination of multidisciplinary teams that include engineers from the most diverse specialties, landscapers, geologists, surveyors, certifiers , inspectors, etc. 



Along our journey we have developed partnerships with companies such as Transitec,professional, Space and Development,Prosirtec, PPE, END, João Jorge,Arch-Parents,Pure Value,TA Consulting, Tsuri Studio, ROOTstudio, Visual Stimuli,etc. 


We have been working in BIM since 2011 and we are developing the process with our engineering partners to obtain a single BIM file with all the information on architecture, specialties, landscaping and coordinated exterior arrangements. 


It all starts with an empty space and a full will – yours.

When we get to work, we base each project on the solid experience of someone who never gives up learning and relearning.

We mold every inch into perfect shapes to meet your objectives with maximum profitability and minimum resources.

We create or recreate each space in full harmony with the surrounding environment and people. No pre-made recipes. Always with new perspectives that bring new solutions. With dedication, creativity and passion. We follow the work that is born closely until the end, so that it grows just as you dreamed it would.

We want your new project to be our next passion.

Contact us!


Forget what is, see how it could become.

Making what was inappropriate ideal, making attractive what was degraded, making modern what was obsolete – these are some of the challenges that motivate us most and in which we have achieved remarkable successes.If the space you have no longer meets your requirements, think about renovating it before thinking about selling.

Look for Phalanstery before looking for a real estate agency. You will probably find a much simpler, faster and more economical solution than you could have imagined.

And if the space you use already fulfills its function, think further ahead, raise your level of demand and discover how to make it even more in your image, even more up to your challenges.

Commercial and Service Spaces

Difficult not to enter, impossible not to return.

Practical and comfortable for those who work. Irresistible and unique for anyone who visits. 
This is what your store or office should look like.
Therefore, it helps to have a true expert at your side in all aspects that are relevant to your business - such as, for example, all phases of licensing
commercial areas until obtaining the respective license.
Throughout our long experience in designing many successful spaces (with special emphasis on the food sector), we have learned that the first technique to use in their design is listening. Listen a lot and listen well to what only our customers can tell us about the business or service they run. Then just add the right dose of creativity,
know-how and common sense and hope that it has an effect on your customers or users.
Each day. Every day.


Ecological Architecture
For our future, for your present.

Falantério offers environmentally friendly architectural solutions, not only to help build a sustainable future for everyone, but also to save you avoidable expenses.
That's why we are experts in designing smart homes. A smart home is designed to avoid wasting energy as much as possible – for example, through full use of sunlight or the application of efficient heat conservation techniques, thus reducing the use of electricity. A smart home privileges
also the use of non-polluting and biodegradable materials at all times during its construction and maintenance. And in the environment as in the economy, not being intelligent is increasingly an unaffordable luxury…

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