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azeitão house

Azeitão | Portugal




2013 – 2016

225 m2

This project for a dwelling house proposes the elimination of architectural barriers, creating large spaces without gaps throughout the house, with the intention of obtaining fluid and functional spaces that promote the interior comfort.It proposes two volumetrically massive bodies divided by a longitudinal axis and driven in opposite directions, separating the housing features and minimizing traffic areas. Thus appear a number of empty and full, positive and negative volumes, the void is the result of subtracting the mass and represented with dark brown color.

There was a clear concern in choosing materials and construction techniques that promote a good building passive behavior in terms of energy. As the use of cork as thermal and acoustic insulation material that ensures the use of raw materials 100% Portuguese, natural and recyclable.

There are natural ventilation systems that allow the air conditioning and air renewal in housing and solar-thermal panels.

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