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food house

Lisboa | Portugal

catering fabric

casa da comida

commerce and services

2006 – 2010

580 m2

An old industrial bakery is adapted to a Catering Factory of national benchmark, in a space in a basement and of difficult intervention. The design of this industrial kitchen unit searched a functional organization in view of the variety of products used, allowing comply with all applicable legislation.

Inside were defined the main areas and the access of people and goods. The working circuits were articulated with the warehouses and packing and shipping areas of finished product. The areas of confection were organized along a continuous connecting corridor, setting a “march on circuit.” The hall and offices were treated as business areas with very clean appearance.
The coating materials were chosen to ensure better maintenance and durability, applying epoxy of high density and without joints in walls and floors. In work, it was necessary to adapt the design without prejudging the functionality and organization of spaces.

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