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journalism college

Maputo / Mozambique




2013 - ...

This project had as pillars the environmental comfort and the passive measures that allow to save and to produce resources like the water and electrical energy.


They propose massive walls with thermal insulation on the outside, exterior spans always protected from solar incidence by blinds or movable and adjustable blades, garden patios to promote shading and cooling of facades and the general promotion of natural cross ventilation in all compartments.

In the coverings it is foreseen the placement of solar-thermal panels for heating water of kitchens, canopies and bathhouses. Photovoltaic panels can also be provided for the production of energy used in the building itself. Also in the coverage will exist micro energy equipment of wind power, taking advantage of the excellent conditions found in Maputo. All the rainwater collected by the roofs will be sent to strategically placed deposits to be reused in the flushing cisterns of the Sanitary Facilities as well as in all the washes of the School's exterior spaces and in the irrigation of the gardens.

A general scheme for sun protection and promotion of cross-ventilation in the rooms of the student residence is proposed. The movable blinds or blinds allow to adjust the solar incidence and with effective gains in the thermal and luminous comfort of the interior. The natural cross-ventilation will allow the interior of the compartments to be significantly cooled, avoiding or minimizing the use of air conditioning for an important cut in energy consumption

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