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Shop citizen

Cascais, Lisbon  | Portugal

client: AMA – Agency for Administrative Modernization

public tender


Area: 1,515m2

The new concept of the 2nd generation Citizen's Shop was taken as a reference, which reflects a new philosophy in the relationship between the Public Administration and the Citizen. In a more comprehensive operation, the State and the Municipality intend to provide Cascais with several valences in support services to the public that will form a true center of citizenship.

This project translates into the adaptation of an existing building to a new use. The concept for this Citizen's Shop aims to recreate an atmosphere of street services in a single comfortable space. Transparency is the image that the public administration wants to convey, so the service and work spaces are developed almost exclusively in openspace.

The fulfillment of the specificities and requirements of each entity and the compatibility of new information technologies in a single building were the major challenges of the project, which had two phases of work.

Project developed in partnership with the company Espaço & Desenvolvimento.

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