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Gleba bakeries

Lisbon and Cascais | Portugal

5 bakeries

customer | Gleba Grinding & Bakery  

trade & services

2020 - 2022

Photography |  João Guimarães

After opening the factory and store on Rua Maria Pia, atelier Falanstério developed the standard project for a network of neighborhood stores in Lisbon and Cascais.


Alvalade Bakery  | The Alvalade store was the first space to open in the new Gleba store network created by Falanstério.

It occupied an old haberdashery that held some good surprises. 

The ceilings were dominated by concrete beams that were integrated into the project, as well as some curious metallic structures that helped to improve the concept of the project, which included copper and corten steel, in addition to the marble and wood of the balconies.

The entrance area was designed for the manufacture of sandwiches and specialty coffees served at the wicket. The space further back is reserved for the sale of bread, with the traditional wooden shelves and the oven highlighted.  

Avenidas Novas Bakery  |  The comfortable industrial concept used wood for the shelves, marble on the counters and tiled walls. Copper became a fundamental material for all infrastructures and showcases. the lighting of  Tsuri Studio  and the stories of Fulvio could not be missing.


Bakery Campo de Ourique Market | The Gleba store in Campo de Ourique Market occupies an excellent space on one of the corners of the Market, uniting four commercial spaces. We took advantage of the fantastic cylindrical entrance turret and widened the usual arch of the Gleba project in harmony with the entrance dome and the central spiral staircase.
The project materials were adapted to a different space than usual. Corten steel, copper, wood, marble and tile, in a fusion between old Lisbon bakeries and industrial aesthetics.

Cascais Bakery |  

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